Pricing History

The list below is pricing history. You can refer to current pricing list here.

Until 30-Sep-2016

You can use Nilquebe as members or visitors. The rate (tax included) of each plan is as follows:

Visitor Member (Monthly)
Initial Membership Fee
coworking Coworking
(per person)
¥1,000/day ¥10,000/month
coworking Workspace Rental
(per space)
(reservation required)
more than 3 hours:¥2,000/hour
more than 3 hours:¥1,000/hour
coworking Meetup
Weekday 18:00-21:00
(reservation required)
¥4,000/3hours ¥3,000/3hours
coworking Meeting Room
(per hour)
(reservation required)
¥1,000/hour *1 ¥500/hour
(free up to 8 hours/month)

*1 At least one person has to pay coworking fee to reserve the room.

The option rate(tax included)is as follows:

Visitor Member (Monthly)
Computer Monitor
(8 monitors avairable)
(per monitor)
50% Discount
Free - Special Offer